Jessica Johnson & Elizabeth Maloy

At the Yves Durif Salon at The Carlyle, beauty is highly individualized. Clients do not get a “hair cut” but rather, a “hair style” that is crafted to highlight their very best features. This is why the arrival of Brow Expert, Jessica Johnson at the Yves Durif Salon in 2014 was such a success. Johnson believes that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to eyebrows and carefully crafts a look that defines her clients’ facial features and completes their beauty look. Jessica Johnson has recently decided to focus on her brand but she has mentored and trained Yves Durif Salon Stylist and Colorist, Elizabeth Maloy, in her Eyebrow Technique, and the two share a similar view of beauty. We sat down with Jessica and Elizabeth to talk about brows, beauty and the “passing of the baton”.
Jessica, tell us about your experience working with the Yves Durif Salon at The Carlyle.
Jessica Johnson:  First and foremost, the biggest honor has been to be able to work with and be around someone like Yves, who is incredibly gifted and incredibly passionate about his craft. He concentrates on cutting hair and I on shaping brows. Being around his type of energy and talent, really helps continue to inspire you and feed the level of work that you want to do. So that’s probably the biggest takeaway and honor that I can say about the experience – just being surrounded by that level of skill. I could offer my talents to his clients as well; that we could give that client our cumulative experience. Yves creates his beautiful style, and combined with great brows –   the two make a complete picture.
For those who may not know, what is your approach to Brows?
Jessica: The biggest thing is there really is no “one size fits all.” You have to look at the facial structure and the personality of the person. Consultation is key – getting to know what the client’s comfort zone is – how they want to look  – and customizing that look. I think that a lot of the brow bars, that are big now and that have popped up everywhere, are forced to have a one size fits all system, so the clients are really getting – I believe – an inferior result from that. This is an art. Having a great eye for makeup or what Yves does with hair  — I think the brow bars have sort of corrupted the art, and the customer doesn’t realize it. They think, ‘oh it’s just eyebrows’ but it’s not just eyebrows. It’s the anchor; eyebrows are the first thing people notice when they look at your face.
Elizabeth, what appealed to you about working with eyebrows?
Elizabeth Maloy: As a hairdresser – I’ve been in this industry a long time, ever since I was a little girl – and my approach has always been to achieve a comprehensive look. So its vital to find that perfect fit; what works best specifically for them. Jessica kind of nailed it when she said taking into consideration a person’s personality. I do a lot of styling and makeup – all the while taking a person’s face shape into account. Face shape, head shape, things like that. I was really drawn to Jessica and her style because she does customize everything the way that I always have, when working with a client. Her technique is very comprehensive and her method unique; something that I hadn’t seen before. I have been really fascinated by her steps and the order of the steps.  It’s  a different approach, and it’s something that she’s been developing for the over 20 years. that she has been in the industry and she’s found that  her own style works best. Brows frame the face. A good set of brows are going to draw attention to somebody’s eyes.
Jessica: I think what was important to me, is that I trained hundreds of Estheticians in waxing and eyebrow shaping –  with brows however, you can teach the technical side, but the person has to have a gifted eye, and so not everybody can do the work.
And it goes without saying that Elizabeth can. 
Jessica: Yes!
Fill us in, Jessica, in how you envision going forward with the Yves Durif Salon?
Jessica: For special accounts, very select accounts, I will make a quarterly VIP appearance and I will maintain this contact  – always, I would like to work closely with Elizabeth and then also for special events, I will be here maintaining the standard, so to speak.
Jessica, you have several kinds of products, but the one that best fits into what The Yves Durif  Salon does with brows, is your Brow & Lash Serum  – which very soon will be available for sale on their website.
Jessica: Regarding the Brow and Lash Serum, initially what I thought – the typical playbook in the brow world – is that I would come out with a line of pencils and powders and tweezers, a la Anastasia. But as I started to build and poll clients they wanted less maintenance in their day-to-day routine. They didn’t want another brow pencil, there are plenty of them out there. They really wanted their eyebrows back…more than anything. That’s why I shifted and put all the emphasis in this one “hero” product to launch.  That  really seemed to target what they were trying to accomplish more that anything. The basic substance in the Brow and Lash Serum is naturally derived, and that is a differentiating point from most of the other products out there. It was formulated in Europe, so it is a one of a kind formula; we’re it. And the other part is it’s great to use during or after lash extensions because those deteriorate and compromise your natural lashes. So it will keep your lashes healthy while you’re wearing them and then after you take them off it will help speed up the re-growth process.
Jessica’s process, it is a dual process of tweezing and waxing, but additionally tinting. This is something practically all of your, and soon to be Elizabeth’s clients, do.  They don’t just trim the brows but they tint them as well. Why is tinting so important?
Jessica: One of the number one reasons that people shy away from tinting is that they think, again, it will be a one size fits all, it will be too dark, and many have had that experience. We can, however customize the level of color to the individual. And it’s long lasting – it lasts a month.
Elizabeth: One of the things that I enjoyed hearing throughout the course of my training with Jessica were clients comments about how Jessica saved their brows, or changed their brows for the better. It was something that I heard over and over again. I think that her method, in combination with the products that she has developed is a big win for people. It fulfills a need that they have been looking for, for a long, long time.
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