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Yves Durif in The New York Times!

“‘Switching to a bob is a little bit like giving the finger,’ said Yves Durif.” This is one of many fabulous quotes from our very own Yves Durif in the recent article in the New York Times Style section: “Bye to ‘Real Housewife’ Hair,” written by Linda Dyett. Read more about the history of the […]

RED COMETS by Laura Vaccari on view at The Yves Durif Salon at The Carlyle

Textile Art is one of the oldest forms of art, originally developed by ancient civilizations for practical uses – namely as clothing, shelter and blankets to keep warm – but has grown over the centuries to also have been elevated into high art.   If you have been to the Yves Durif Salon this month, […]

Best Haircuts for Fall, from The Violet Files

Yves Durif explains the genius behind the Best Haircuts for Fall on The Violet Files. featured cut: THE MICK JAGGER SHAG The style… Think the Rolling Stones frontman in his heyday. “Wherever I go, I notice that if you look around, who has good haircuts? Most of the time it’s men!” says NYC-based stylist Yves Durif. […]

JESSICA JOHNSON, at The Yves Durif Salon!

“A glimpse of Her, a word from Her… and you’re hooked” –YVES DURIF It is our pleasure to introduce you to Jessica Johnson, the Yves Durif Salon’s Brow Specialist. Jessica joins the salon every other week, Thursdays & Fridays for Brow Shaping, Enhancing, Defining, and Beyond…. Spring 2016 Bookings: March: 31 April: 14, 28 May: 12 […]

An African Evening in the Salon

OnTuesday evening, Chris Brennan and Tamsin Corcoran joined us at the salon, along with our friends and clients, for an evening dedicated to travel and discovery.  Chris and Tamsin represent African Territories, a travel group that maintains lodges and organizes safaris in Kenya and Tanzania.  They bring eco-tourism to some of the most remote and […]

Yves Durif featured on Vanity Fair’s Beauty Blog!

Bonjour! We are so excited to be featured in Vanity Fair’s beauty blog today!  This article explains my theory of the egg/oval and makes it accessible to all of the beauty blog’s readers, as well as to my existing clients.  You’ll even find photos of Hollywood stars with my personal illustrations of how their look […]

We Love New York: Part I

Hello friends! It’s a wonderful week to enjoy New York, and I’d love to share with you some of the things we’ve been up to in the city.  We learn about these activities through our unique, stylish and about-town salon guests, so thank you for all of the great ideas everyone! First, we are excited […]