Our talented Stylist, Amélie Lemoine talks about Fall Beauty and gives us her advice on making a big change to your beauty look, as well as tips on keeping your look fresh from Day to Night!

Whenever I feel that chill in the air, it makes me want to refresh my beauty look for the new season. What is your advice for women who want to perhaps change their look?

I find that some people want to change their look but don’t really want to cut their hair. My advice in this situation is to make sure that you get your hair cut regularly, at least every three months. You don’t need much; a new shape will bring fullness and new dimension to your look. For finer hair, the more often it is reshaped, the more body you will keep, and your hair will also be healthier.

Another way to change your look, but not drastically, is to add a long bang. It can soften the look and also add volume because by creating a bang (or a shorter side) it will add dimension to the rest of the haircut and your hair will appear to look fuller, even if it’s not.

Are there any hair trends that you recommend for women to consider trying out this season?

Fall always makes me think of the beauty of nature, because everyone has different textures and hair colors. How I see Fall this year is by adapting the haircut to suit a person’s features and hair type, to bring out the beauty of each client. I recommend an individual consultation, so that I can observe the person, see his or her gestures, I can see a lot of what my client desires and most importantly, what they really don’t want.

A haircut doesn’t mean a “makeover,” a haircut means giving my clients the easiest style for them to manage at home. They need to be able to feel like they can have “a sexy hairstyle” without needing my professional touch to achieve it.

Do you have any tips on different ways for women to style their looks for the Fall season?

My favorite tip – and I do it for myself – is that even if I don’t wash my hair everyday, I air dry my roots with a blowdryer. Why? Overnight our scalp sweats. This is a natural thing that happens to everyone. Humidity can also deflate any volume, like after a shower. Drying your roots every time your hair feels deflated or flat, will boost it’s natural volume! For clients who love and insist on lots of volume, I recommend that they add a dry shampoo before drying for big volume!

Any accessories that could help them take the look from Day to Night?

For me, a hair band is a great accessory. Big ones, finer ones, elastic or jeweled ones can all give you totally different looks. You can achieve a sporty look (like how soccer players wear them), a casual look or the chicest and most elegant style! A hair band can be used for all types of hairstyles, be it a feminine look or something more masculine. I also love adding them to my updos, personalizing a look or creating dimension and volume.

Another accessory that will help you feel more confident taking your look from Day to Night is the Yves Durif Comb or the Petite Brush. You can easily carry them with you to help you style your hair en route to your evening’s festivities!