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Best Haircuts for Fall, from The Violet Files

October 6th, 2015
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Yves Durif explains the genius behind the Best Haircuts for Fall on The Violet Files.
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featured cut:

The style…
Think the Rolling Stones frontman in his heyday. “Wherever I go, I notice that if you look around, who has good haircuts? Most of the time it’s men!” says NYC-based stylist Yves Durif. Taking these long-locked guys as muses, he encourages an update on last year’s shag. Laurent Dufourg, a fellow Frenchman in New York, points to Coco Rocha’s version of the cut, with its heavy, heavy bangs. “It looks amazing,” he says. This isn’t a cut for those with fine hair, Durif warns—you need thick, relatively coarse hair to pull this one off.

What to ask for…
A textured shag cut with heavy bangs that get layered in. Durif emphasizes that this style is not all one length. “It is layers, cut forward,” he says. “The back is not really super short, not really long.”

Styling tips…
Texture, texture, texture. Use a little grooming cream or pomade on wet hair and blow-dry upside down, says Dufourg, before using a texture spray to add some grit. For curly hair, Durif recommends combing through Shu Uemura’s Kaze Wave (ideally with his comb) and letting tresses air-dry completely. Once dry, shake out hair for a controlled wave. “You know that look when you wash your hair and the next day, it looks fabulous?” asks Dufourg. “That’s what you need.”

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PRESS: Yves Durif in American Salon Magazine

October 5th, 2015

From the section titled: Ideas that Inspire Success

American Salon ArticleAmerican Salon Article 1

JESSICA JOHNSON, at The Yves Durif Salon!

March 31st, 2015

A glimpse of Her, a word from Her… and you’re hooked” –YVES DURIF


It is our pleasure to introduce you to Jessica Johnson, the Yves Durif Salon’s Brow Specialist. Jessica joins the salon every other week, Thursdays & Fridays for Brow Shaping, Enhancing, Defining, and Beyond….

Spring 2016 Bookings:

March: 31
April: 14, 28
May: 12

Additional Details:

Jessica is known on both coasts as the woman to see for sensational brows. With over 25 years experience in brow shaping and aesthetics, she is a highly recognized industry expert and innovator who routinely works with celebrities and all who strive to “frame their face” with perfect brows. Jessica advocates Audrey Hepburn’s philosophy that beauty should be “gloriously low maintenance” and after shaping & tinting– Jessica’s magnificently designed brows are precisely that. She currently operates a premier Brow and Makeup Studio–Jessica Johnson Beauty, but joins us here at The Carlyle every other Thursday & Friday as Guest Brow Expert.

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