When the summer heat is on, don’t forget to care for your hair while soaking up the sun! Our Senior Stylist, Patti Vaccaro shares her tips on keeping your hair healthy throughout the season!

Senior Stylist Patti VaccaroThis season, we want to have fun but still care for our hair. In your opinion, what is the best way to take care of your hair in the summertime, in order to combat the damaging effects of the harsh sun, salty beach, and chlorinated pool residues?

Patti: For me, the Sisley Hair Rituel, which is a treatment that we provide right here in the Salon, will best combat the ill effects of summer sun, salt and chemicals. You can also use the Hair Rituel products weekly at home, and your hair will see better results within four weeks.
When we do the Hair Rituel Treatment, our specialist will look at your hair and scalp, and decide which shampoo and conditioner is best for your hair. There’s a Volumizing shampoo that adds density and a Revitalizing shampoo that’s more gentle and smoothing. The conditioner is good for all hair types, and it restructures and strengthens. The mask is applied next and is made up of four botanical oils which help to regenerate the hair. And the final step is the application of the Hair Oil which smoothes and nourishes the hair follicle and preps it for the blow dry.
This treatment is great at the start of the summer to help shield your hair from the damaging effects of the sun, and then again at the end of the season to revitalize. It really helps to take home the products that work best for your hair type to use daily or weekly to combat the drying effects of sun, chlorine and salt, and promote healthy hair all summer long.

Are there any tools or products that you can recommend to tame humidity’s ill effects on hair? Or just to keep your style lasting all day?

Patti: It’s best not to fight your natural texture during the summer. You can use Shu Uemura’s Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner and style with L’Oreal’s Dual Stylers Sleek and Swing to help calm the hair cuticle. On high humid days, try products that support your natural texture; Shu Uemura Cotton Uzu or L’Oreal Dual Stylers Bouncy and Tender will define and add shine to your natural waves and curl.  Almost everyone has hair challenges in the summer months, so depending on your hair length, texture, and style it’s important to consult your Stylist for best results. And for those unforgiving humid days, have your Stylist teach you quick and easy updos that you can do at home. It’s a good idea to change hairstyles and your haircare regimen to support the changing seasons.

Do you have any tips on the best way to keep hair looking good from day to evening in the summer months? 

Patti: It’s all about how you start out your day.  The perfect kit to take your look from day to nightIf you start your day wearing a ponytail you can braid and then pancake it (widening the braid), and depending on what you’re wearing a braid can look edgy or soft. If you can’t braid, try teasing the ponytail for volume and with a few bobby pins you can roll it into a messy bun. Wavy and curly hair are on trend for this summer, so if you have those textures you’re in luck! You can refresh your curls for evening by matching your curl or wave size with a curling wand. Simply go over your already curled hair with the wand to revive its curl and add bounce.  For someone with straight hair using a wand or curling iron will not only add lift and movement it will help tame any frizz you have to your hair.Another way to make something look a little more dramatic for evening is changing your parting. You can give yourself a very low part and bring more hair over to one side, or you can also drape the hair over the forehead to give it a little more of a dramatic look. Changing up your earrings to add some sparkle, and changing your lip color will also set the whole tone from day to evening.

I keep hearing about a summer cut but I love the “effortless beach hair” look. Do I have to cut my hair short in order to stay cool in the summer?

A Beautiful Layered Lob by Patti VaccaroPatti: A very textured, layered lob is really in for this summer. Of course, by cutting your hair this way, you can leave it down very easily without having all that additional length which makes styling more time consuming – you know, drying time, curling irons and hot tools take a bigger effort with long hair. A layered lob will make styling your hair a lot quicker, and give you many options. With an edgy, shag look, it automatically enhances your natural wave and curl. Having the ends of your layers contoured and defined, and a bit roughed up instead of smoothed and brushed will give you that beachy look that’s sexy when styled in waves, or dried straight. Hair cut this length always looks stylish, and will give many styling options other than just throwing your long hair into a ponytail because you don’t know what else to do with it to battle the heat.