We are thrilled to announce that the Yves Durif Comb and Brush can now be found at the Sisley Paris Counter in the newly revamped Beauty Department of Saks Fifth Avenue‘s flagship location in New York City!

The Yves Durif Comb and Brush are essential elements of Yves’ famous Shampoo Technique, and when used in conjunction with Sisley’s innovative new Hair Rituel Products, your hair will the cleanest, shiniest and most importantly, healthiest, it has ever been!

Have you tried Yves’ Shampoo Technique? Yves recommends filling a small applicator bottle — one that holds about 4 ounces of liquid and has a tip like a honey bottle — half with the Sisley’s Hair Rituel Revitalizing & Volumizing (or the Smoothing) Shampoo and the other half with water. Apply the suds onto your scalp — not your hair! — starting at the nape and working forward. Massage the lather into your roots. This ensures that your shampoo is concentrated where oils are produced, rather than being wasted on your drier ends that don’t require much cleansing. Then comb the lather through the ends with the Yves Durif Comb, continuing to distribute the suds as you rinse. Follow up with Sisley’s Restructuring Conditioner on the lengths and ends — but keep it away from your squeaky clean roots. And voilà! You will have achieved perfectly clean, shiny and healthy hair — especially when you apply this technique as your very own hair ritual!